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Is RVCE Bangalore better than IIT Patna for CSE?

Is RVCE Bangalore better than IIT Patna for CSE?

Selecting between two esteemed CSE programmes, such as RVCE Bangalore and IIT Patna, might be difficult. Promising employment possibilities, top-notch programmes, and knowledgeable instructors are all provided by these universities. Which one is "better" for you, though, depends on a number of criteria other than rankings. The goal of this post is to clarify the advantages and disadvantages of both institutions so that you can decide which one is best for you and your goals.


IIT Patna: highlights research and theoretical underpinnings heavily in its demanding curriculum. Professors at prestigious universities make up a large portion of the faculty.

RVCE Bangalore: Include industry-focused projects and internships, leaning towards a more practical approach. Teachers have extensive industrial ties and real-world experience.



  • IIT Patna: Attracts large tech corporations like Google, Microsoft, and Amazon, and excels in placement. In contrast to RVCE, average compensation packages are often greater.
  • RVCE Bangalore: Provides respectable jobs, with several IT firms in Bangalore hiring college graduates. In general, average pay packages are less than those at IIT Patna.

Reputation and Rankings:

  • IIT Patna: Has a better national standing and is rated 41st according to NIRF (2023). It has a larger alumni network and a coveted designation as an IIT.
  • RVCE Bangalore: By NIRF, ranked 96th (2023). has a solid reputation in the area and has links in Bangalore's business community.

Other factors to consider:

  • Cost: IIT Patna being a government institution offers significantly lower fees compared to RVCE, a private college.
  • Location: Bangalore, a hub for IT companies, might offer more internship and networking opportunities, especially for RVCE students. However, IIT Patna provides a more focused academic environment with less urban distraction.
  • Your learning style: Consider your preference for a theoretical or practical approach to learning.
  • Campus life: IIT Patna offers a vibrant residential campus experience, while RVCE students typically commute.


Whether RVCE Bangalore is "better" than IIT Patna for CSE is a question that remains unanswered. Both schools serve various tastes and are superior in different domains. To make an educated decision, carefully consider your learning preferences, desired campus life, financial condition, and academic aspirations. Recall that the college that best suits your unique requirements and goals is the "best" option.


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